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This MP3 is almost 4 hours of Advanced Training on methods to help you make money in probate real estate. It will help you increase your knowledge and obtain more deals! 15+ Ways to Make Money in Probate Real Estate and exactly how to do them! Advanced marketing training to help you obtain more deals! The best ways to avoid the pitfalls most investors and agents fall into in their business! How to leverage every opportunity to turn it into business for you or future business in your pipeline!

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"Kevin Sayles is the Probate Doctor! He'll walk you through the probate process A-Z. Not only that but, he'll help you generate more probate leads. He's trained a lot of my agents that have had great success with it. " - Carlos Garcia

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Carlos Garcia

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Kevin has increased our business…

”...which obviously has impacted our overall income…I would recommend Kevin Sayles to any of my friends and realtors...

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Image of ABC 25 logo,  is a book, training course and materials that shares Kevin Sayles' 20+ years of real estate experience and knowledge. The series teaches real estate professionals and investors how to become Probate Real Estate Sales niche leaders.  Kevin looks forward to seeing you become a member and helping you succeed!

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